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About Us

The company was created by the two professionals of the hotel projects industry with more than 30 years of experience.Hotec is specialised in concept, production and fit out of furniture and equipments of hotel industry. We manage projects of 3***, 4****, 5***** hotels, hotel residences, student residences, ect.

Managing the choice of architects and designers we treat different materials, accessories and decoration objects in order to deliver products of quality in the given production time

Our Works

What makes us special

What makes us special :
It is because of our internal fit out department that we manage the production planning and control as the application of the ‘’just in time’’ philosophy.
Being the years in the industry and working with the best architects and designers we can propose turnkey solutions well adapting cost, time and budget to the project aesthetics.
Our different achievements of project of constructions and refurbishments delivered for different hotel groups including accor, intercontinental, Best Western, Louvre Hotels, interhotels confirmed our ability to direct projects including conception details, production, installation and post guarantee services.
Our virtues of quality, competitive pricing and rapidity in the production was placed us in the first rang of European hotel furniture producers.

Our factory :
We are proudly introducing our industrial production unit. Our customers are always plreasantly surprised when they visit our plan.
With over 3000 square meter of production, and even more in storage and warehouse available,our plant demonstrates just how serious we think about the quality of our products and the speed and efficiency. Modern production equipment, skilled personnel and streamlined production processes are used not only to keep up with growing customer demand but also to ensure we deliver on time.
Our production lines give us the ability to produce more than 100hotel rooms in a week. We invite you to visit by contacting our sales departement.

Contact Us

P.O BOX : 82233. Deira. Dubaï.
United Arab Emirates.
Our Phone
+971 561 54 33 61/div>

Open Hours
Sunday-tuesday, 8AM-5PM


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  • Contact information UAE :

    P.O BOX : 82233. Deira. Dubaï. United Arab Emirates.
    Tel/Fax : +971 4 250 80 23
    Mobile: +971 551 24 24 06
    E-mail: contact@hotec-concept.ae
  • France:

    73 Bld Camault. 83500 La Seyne Sur Mer.
    Tél : +33 608 350 923
  • Pologne :

    Przemyslawa 56 32765 RZEZAWA. Cracow. TELFON : +481 14 611 65 86
    Fax : +481 46 74 00 11

    Lot 233. N°01. Bld des Platanes. Fernand Ville. Oran.
    Mob : +213 561 666 741
    (WhatsApp – Viber). +213 661 203 320